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Welcome to our website for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of October 23, 1956. As you may know, the Freedom Fight was a defining event in both Hungarian and Canadian history. Canada welcomed 37 565 Hungarians after the Uprising, molding the image of Canadian society so much, that in 2010 it was designated a Canadian national historic event and part of Canadian heritage.

On the 60th anniversary, we would like to thank Canada and the Canadian people that welcomed Hungarian refugees in an act of compassion, humanity and generosity. These events built a strong link between Canada and Hungary, and we would like to further this bond between our communities through the series of programs we are organizing this fall. We invite you to browse our website, look through our events and to join us in remembering this historic time at any of our programs.

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Ambassador Bálint Ódor



Consul General Stefánia Szabó


Greetings from the Prime Minister of Canada

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Greetings from the Premier of Ontario

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Greetings from the Arthur Potts (MPP Beaches-East York)

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