Canadian Hungarian Artists’ Collective (CHAC)
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Aug. 31, 2016 - Sep. 17, 2016

Contemporary Art Gallery


Contemporary exhibition

Reception Vernissage September 10 from 13h to 16h


This exhibition is showcasing the works of artists of Hungarian descent from across Canada. The project features a kaleidoscope of work from all disciplines, mediums and styles. Participants include internationally recognised artists and distinguished award-winning creators who have actively shaped the Canadian multicultural tapestry. List of artists:

Susan Bardosh-Dobbek, Anna Biro, Andrea Blanar S, Gabor Boros, Alex Brzezinski, Eva Ferenczy-Reichmann, Andrea de Gosztognyi, Geza Hermann, Marika Jankovics, Julianna Joos, Suzanne Joos, Judit Klugerman, Agi Makk-Zoni, Sandor Sipos, Sheila Szabo-Butler, Rose Szasz, Doreen Szilasi, Gabor Szilasi, Anna Torma, Istvan Zsako

CHAC was founded in March 2002 in the city of Hamilton. Several months later the Quebec branch was created in Montreal. Since then membership has grown and presently includes more than 60 artists from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. They represent all the current trends in the visual arts sector.