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Térkép betöltése...

2016. szept. 02. - 2016. szept. 08.

Cinéma du Parc


Come discover the ultimate best selection of recent films from Hungary, this small country in Central Europe, between Austria, Slovenia and Romania had so many great films in the past, we are so proud to offer a remarkable presentation of brand new films for two showings each in the course of The Hungarian Week 2016. The radiance of the BUDAPEST-MONTRÉAL Film Event will go beyond the Hungarians expectations, of course they are the first audience we hope to seduce along with the francophones and anglophones cinephiles of Montreal who will also be interested by the inventiveness, the vitality and the social human values carried throughout the selected films. You are invited to seven incredible evenings of film screenings that were never shown in Montreal, the return of the Oscar winning film SON OF SAUL, as well as a must-see tribute to cinema with the hallucinating FINAL CUT, with special guest the director himself, György Pálfi, and to finish off with a 2016 Cannes Classics stunner for the closing night of the festival, SZERELEM / AMOUR.


Grand Prize of the Jury 2016, Cannes

Golden Globe, 2016

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year, Academy Awards Oscars 2016

Preceded by FOUR PLAY
Dir. : George Ungar, 2min

Liza the fox-fairy

2015, Dir. Károly Ujj Mészáros

Preceded by THE CAT
Dir. : George Ungar, 3 min

Mom & other loonies in the family

2015, Dir. Ibolya Fekete

Preceded by BEING BEN
Dir. : George Ungar, 1 min

For some inexplicable reason

2014, Dir. Gábor Reisz

Preceded by DAYBREAK
Dir. : George Ungar, 7 min

The Wednesday child

2015, Dir. Lili Horváth

Preceded by THE WANDERER
Dir. : George Ungar, 11 min


1971, Dir. Károly Makk

Preceded by HUNGER
Dir. : Peter Földes, 11 min

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

2013, Dir. György Pálfi